{The Hardyz: Quotes}

Jeff: "Control me....... Release me......... Forget about me."
Jeff: "Growing up we didn't have cable or even a VCR."
Jeff: "The only wrestling we saw back the was NWA."
Jeff: "What I really thrive off of is climbing up a big ladder and jumping off."
Jeff: "The extreme always makes an impression."
Jeff: "I'm nervous before every match until I get in the ring and get physical."
Jeff: "The four of us were baby faces but we could not get along."
Jeff: "The fans are probably what keep me going and always make me get back up. There's just something about a reaction that's so strong and powerful from 10,000 or 20,000 people. It just drives me crazy. I love it!"
Jeff: "The best part of being the New Brood was coming up the elevator and through the fire."

Matt: "The WWF doesn't build wrestlers in a factory. They have to come from somewhere."
Matt: "Since were demonic now, don't you think we need to wear black?"
Matt: "I would like to thank Amy for always being there for me and Jeff for helping me fulfil our lives dream."
Matt: "Iím V-Onnneeee-uuhhh"
Matt: "With two years gone since 9/11, I would like to send my thoughts to all the families who lost loved ones that day. They will never be forgotten. "
Matt: "If I hadn't gotten into this business, I'd probably be an engineer."
Matt: "I want people to realize that it's not ridiculous to have a dream and try to obtain it. Go for it."
Matt: "Ours fans have been ultra cool and respectful when it comes to being appreciative of the chances we take in the ring."
Matt: "My birthday present is being able to work with the World Wrestling Federation."
Matt: "The best relationships between men and women are built on friendships."
Matt: "The scar will become a symbol. I will not die."

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