{The Hardyz: Matt Stats}

  • Full name: Matthew Moore Hardy
  • Height: 6'2"

  • Weight: 231 pounds

  • Date of birth: September 23, 1974

  • Hometown: Cameron, NC

  • Siblings: Jeff

  • Marital Status: (Rumored to be dating Ashley)
  • Titles won: OMEGA Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship, NCW Light Heavyweight Championship, 1-time NEWA Heavyweight Championship, NFWA Tag Team Championship, NDW Light Heavyweight Championship, OMEGA Champion, European Champion; Hardcore Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Cruiserweight Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion
  • Current Job: WWE Smackdown Wrestler
  • Finishing move: Twist of fate

  • Book: Exist 2 Inspire (#7 on NY times best seller list)

  • Current gimmick: Mattitude

  • TV Show: WWE Raw

  • Favorite food: Chicken and backed potato

  • Favorite actor: Christian Slater

  • Favorite actress: Sara Michelle Gellar

  • Favorite movie: Heathers and Powder

  • Favorite band: Pearl Jam

  • Secret Talents: Sewing

    {The Hardyz: "Matt Facts"}

    credit: WWE.com

    -Matt scored a 1330 on his SATs.
    -Mattitude is practiced in 100 countries.
    -Matt likes english muffins.
    -Matt has seen all the "Friday the 13th" movies.
    -Matt's IQ is 139.
    -Matt usually exceeds the speed limit.
    -Matt thinks that Thanksgiving is a boring holiday.
    -Matt keeps the room temperature at 75 degrees.
    -Matt has beaten Undertaker 2 straight times.
    -Matt always sticks to his new years resolutions.
    -Matt Hardy's bedtime is 4 a.m.
    -Matt hates cold weather.
    -Matt enjoys looking at pictures in Playboy.
    -Matt speaks better English than Funaki.
    -Matt knows the capital of all the states.
    -Matt has a TV and DVD player in his car.
    -Matt is taller than Rey Mysterio.
    -Matt Strongly Dislikes Mustard.
    -Matts book is a New York Times best seller, of course.
    -Matt was the Fear Factor Champion.
    -Matt has a valuable Spider-Man comic book collection.
    -Matt is currently the longest reigning singles champion on Smackdown.
    -Matt really digs his book.

    {The Hardyz: "Classic Matt moments"}

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