Welcome to Hardyz Heaven.net, your online resource for pro wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy. Matt and Jeff have served as insirpations to millions of fans across the world. Come by for all the latest. Enjoy your stay.

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    [Site information]
    Launched: June 2000
    Re-Launched: January 2006
    Contact: here
    Webmistress: Beth
    Design: Beth
    People here: online

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    [Latest PPV]
    No Way Out 2006

    Matt and a partner of his choosing wrestling MNM. Matt's partner was Tatanka. Matt picked the right partner. He and Tatanka won.

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    [Calendar Dates]
    1/13: LAW wrestling
    1/17: TNA PPV
    1/29: Royal Rumble
    1/30: TNA Impact
    2/4: House show Yokohama, Japan
    2/5: House show Yokohama, Japan
    2/7: Smackdown Columbus, GA
    2/13: Warrick Blvd, Newport, VA


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    Will Jeff win the TNA world title this year?