{The Hardyz: Jeff Stats}

  • Full name: Jeffery Nero Hardy
  • Height: 6'0"

  • Weight: 225 pounds

  • Date of birth: September 23, 1974

  • Hometown: Cameron, NC

  • Siblings: Matt

  • Marital Status: (Rumored to be Beth)
  • Titles won: NCW Heavyweight Champion, NCW Light Heavyweight Champion (2), NDW Light Heavyweight Champion, Junior Heavyweight Champion, NFWA Heavyweight Champion, NWA 2000 Tag Team Champion, UWA World Middleweight Champion, OMEGA Heavyweight Champion, OMEGA New Frontier Champion, OMEGA Tag Team champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWF European Champion, WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion (3), WWF World Tag Team Champion (5)
  • Current Job: TNA/NWA Pro wrestler
  • Finishing move: Twist of fate/Swanton

  • Book: Exist 2 Inspire (#7 on NY times best seller list)

  • Current gimmick:

  • TV Show: TNA Impact

  • In Ring Managers: Michael Hayes, Gangrel, Terri, Lita
  • Favorite food: Lasagna

  • Favorite actor: Christian Slater

  • Favorite actress: Sara Michelle Gellar

  • Favorite TV Show: Crocodile Hunter

  • Favorite band: Pearl Jam

  • Secret Talents: motorcycle riding and singing

    {The Hardyz: "Jeff biography"}

    credit: tnawrestling.com

    Known as “The Charismatic Enigma”, Jeff Hardy is one of the most electrifying stars in wrestling today. Hardy lives like a rock star, a lifestyle that has earned him his nickname. His finisher, “The Swanton”, has been voted one of the top moves in TNA by fans.

    Hardy made his surprise debut in TNA Wrestling in June of 2004, facing AJ Styles for the X Division Championship on TNA’s second anniversary show.

    Following his debut, Hardy immediately targeted Jeff Jarrett and the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Hardy would ultimately face Jarrett for the gold on two occasions – once in September 2004 and at TNA’s first three-hour Pay-Per-View “Victory Road” in November. However, thanks to Jarrett’s underhanded tactics, Hardy narrowly lost his opportunity become champion.

    Following his feud with Jeff Jarrett, Hardy engaged in showdowns with Raven and The Monster Abyss. At Against All Odds and Destination X, “The Charismatic Enigma” clashed with Abyss in two of the most chaotic matches in TNA history. Ultimately, Hardy came up short against Abyss for rights to be number-one contender, and left the ring that night with hundreds of thumbtacks in his back.

    Next up for Hardy was the maniacal Raven, who stalked The Charismatic Enigma in his attempt to eliminate Hardy from TNA. The two clashed at the April Lockdown Pay-Per-View inside the Six Sides of Steel cage match, with Hardy finally beating his nemesis in a brutal tables match.

    Having edged past Raven, Hardy can now begin his climb back up the ladder of contention to the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Whether he makes it there remains to be seen, but regardless the rock star remains one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

    {The Hardyz: "Classic Jeff moments"}

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