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Exist 2 Inspire Matt and Jeff Hardy have proven that a relentless drive for success can make your wildest dreams come true. While still in high school, Matt and Jeff decided to become professional wrestlers at any cost. In a business that usually prizes giants, they were told their aspirations were unreasonable and impossible. But after the tragic loss of their mother, they began to pursue their goals with unstoppable determination.
The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire tells the story of Matt and Jeff Hardy's journey to WWE superstardom. Whether taking beatings from Razor Ramon and Nikolai Volkoff during their first WWE matches or winning the WWE Tag Team Championships against the Acolytes, the Hardy Boyz have experienced all the pains and pleasures that sports-entertainment has to offer. Their fast-moving, high-flying ring style has raised the bar for anyone who aims to follow in their footsteps.
From receiving a standing ovation for their 1999 No Mercy ladder match against Edge and Christian to winning singles championships, Matt and Jeff have succeeded both as a team and as individuals. Still in their mid-twenties, the Hardyz have long careers ahead of them. The Hardy Boyz is the inspirational true story of two small-town North Carolina boys who clawed their way to the top of the magical world of professional wrestling and achieved their childhood dreams. [amazon.com]

Tonight in this very Ring Being a huge wrestling fan, you might be surprised to know that I avoid wrestling books like the plague. They aren't well written, penetrating or interesting. Wrestling fans want dirt in their wrestling books, and because wrestling is such a political business no one within it wants to burn too many bridges by coming out with a juicy tell-all. Despite the fact that's what wrestling fans are really clamoring for, wrestlers have to look after themselves first if they want to work in the ever-shrinking job market that is the professional wrestling of today. Until now I’ve only read one wrestling book from cover to cover- the critically lauded Mick Foley’s “Foley Is Good”, which was light and entertaining, not particularly informative but an enjoyable timewaster. I’ve thumbed through "Tributes: Remembering Legends Wrestlers" by Dave Meltzer, which had some interesting stories about some of the greats who are no longer with us, and I read the first few chapters of "Sex, Lies and Headlocks" by Shaun Assael and Mike Mooneyham, but that’s it.

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The Hardy Boyz: Pro Wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy Covering in-the-ring action as well as behind-the-scenes heroes, Pro Wrestlers books reveal the lives of the sport's biggest stars. Readers encounter the ringside action, exploring each wrestler's signature moves and persona. Readers also witness the wrestler's real life, from childhood and early sports involvement through the development of a professional wrestling career. [walmart.com]

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